Learning Love in Caramel Cream

Last week I went grocery shopping for my family, walking into the house I asked my daughter if she wanted to help me unload groceries. Her response was, “No, Daddy I don’t want to.” Undaunted by this rebuff I posed the question a second time only this time I asked, “Would you please help me?”... Continue Reading →


Today marks the start of Lent, a season traditionally dominated by fasting. Yet today, many Christians are preferring to say as a preacher friend did to me recently, “Rather than fasting, I want to add something new during Lent.” Meaning, rather than giving up anything, this person was going to add a spiritual discipline. Now... Continue Reading →

Church Safety?

More and more I am seeing calls for increased security in our places of worship as a response to the increased number of mass shooting in this country. I am greatly saddened by this fact, not because people want to have a measure of safety, but because modern American society has been reduced to a... Continue Reading →

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