Could I find faith?

Yesterday I began to answer the question, "Would you be a Christian today if you had not been raised one?", by telling a little of my journey toward Christianity. Today though I will try to show why I do not think I would be a Christian if I had not been raised around Christianity. The... Continue Reading →

My Journey

This week I was asked an extremely difficult question, "Would you be a Christian today if you had not been raised one?" The easy answer is for me to say, "of course, because I have made my faith my own". But I do not want to give the easy answer and I must say, "I... Continue Reading →

Why is the Bible so Messy?

The question was recently posed to me why there is not more consistency in reading the Bible. The person who asked this comes out of a scientifically based background and is used to more standardization than there appears within the Church. I've thought about the question and several potential answers have developed, but I do... Continue Reading →

The Breath of Life

How do you know the story of Adam and Eve is true? This question was recently posed to me (for those unfamiliar with the story see Genesis 2-3) First, this is a difficult topic and there are a variety of opinions and I'm only touching the surface here. Anyone interested in really studying the topic... Continue Reading →

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