Gun Control

I have started this post several times, specifically every time an act of gun violence makes the news. And every time I end up deleting the draft. I think I recognize the emotions are too raw and what I am saying needs to be processed much more calmly and rationally than would be allowed at... Continue Reading →

Do You Speak…

Did you know there are 856 languages spoken in the island nation of Papua New Guinea? The entire nation is the size of California and has about 7 million people. Think about that, on average only a little over 8,000 people can understand each other in their native language. Among the reasons there are so... Continue Reading →


I saw this picture recently and my first instinct was to lash out at the person (who somewhat frequently posts on political topics). But before I did my Greek training kicked in and I started thinking about the real meaning of the term (affairs of the city or we might say society). Suddenly it jumped... Continue Reading →

Thoughts & Prayers?

In the wake of yet two more mass shootings in this country I have seen many posts crying for politicians to strengthen gun laws to help prevent future crime. One of the phrases I have seen repeated more frequently recently is summed up in the picture below. The sentiment expressed recognizes that far too often... Continue Reading →

Seeing the Stars

I was sitting on the back deck of a cabin in the middle of nowhere recently looking into a hazy sky attempting to star gaze. It was disappointing to be sitting there in an area known to have little light pollution and not see the wonder of the heavens sprawling out before me. I finally... Continue Reading →

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