The Right to Life

I do often write on abortion, but during this time of quarantine I took the time to read Michael Gorman's outstanding book Abortion and the Early Church. I am disappointed that I am just now discovering this book which I think should be near the heart of Christian debates on life. Gorman gives a wonderful... Continue Reading →

Natural Impact

I would not say I am an expert on creation care, nor could I count myself among the most passionate about this area of theology. But this week I have found myself thinking about creation and how it has been impacted by COVID-19. It is not easy to quantify the impact this disease will have... Continue Reading →

What is the Priority?

*Work hard be kind." I saw a meme recently with that quote and I thought about how often people have the right priorities in the wrong order. Our values matter, but the priority we place on these values matters every bit as much. Take the meme, at some point working hard will be in conflict... Continue Reading →

Is God Angry?

Two weeks ago I wrote a post asking if God brought on COVID-19, here. I received some push-back on that post, which I found very helpful. In that post I emphasized God's love and the fact that COVID-19 is a natural plague, rather than a Divinely caused plague. In response, a person simply asked me... Continue Reading →

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