Beauty From Pain

I have been reflecting on Lent this week (today being Ash Wednesday), and the phrase "beauty from pain" has struck me. Beauty is an undeniable aspect of our world, and an aspect most, if not all, people would like to see heightened. The Church has a long history of appreciating beauty. Historically the Church has... Continue Reading →

Bronze Snakes and Vaccines

Numbers 21 is not one of those chapters most people commit to memory, but as with all passages in the Bible there are things we can learn from it. Ask most people what the story of the "bronze snake" is about and their response will likely either be "I don't know", or "it is simply... Continue Reading →

I Want to Move On.

I am getting tired of repeating myself, I feel like I have been stuck on the same few topics for an entire year. The same events seem to generate the same headlines and I write the same replies week after week and month after month. And frankly sometimes it is tiring; I am completely frustrated... Continue Reading →

Does God work in the Church or the Court?

I think it must have flown under the radar for many folks, but last week the Supreme Court issued two decisions which impacted issues many conservative Christians label as top priorities. In one ruling SCOTUS overturned lower court rulings which had allowed a Texas ban on abortions during the pandemic. What is significant about this... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Wednesdays

Two events, at the same location, separated by a mere two weeks, and they could not have had more divergent responses. This is the take of many Americans who watched what happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 & 20. Many were troubled by the events of January 6, recognizing the chaos and destruction... Continue Reading →

I Must be Fair. Say it Again.

I must be fair—for if I'm not fair to other people, I'm not worth being understood myself I see. George MacDonald "The Princess and the Goblin" I am currently reading The Princess and the Goblin to my children, and if you have never read this book please do, it is simply wonderful. We have just... Continue Reading →

Connecting Across the Aisle

The events at the Capitol last Wednesday have been startling for many and has produced confusion, and stress for a number of people I know. The most unsettling moment for me was when a friend emailed me about a family situation. This person told me how some family members have united their Christian faith and... Continue Reading →

Healing the Community

I was relaxing on the couch last Sunday afternoon when a friend sent me a link to a news story about a Texas pastor killed in a church shooting. It was tragic to hear about Rev. Mark Allen McWilliams, but I admittedly found my ability to show compassion hampered. The article revealed that he had... Continue Reading →

Out with the Old, In with the Old.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and with it comes the inevitable comments about the coming year. This year is no exception, and I have already encountered my fair share of posts about how 2021 will be a better year- "after all how could it get worse." I, like so many others have been touched deeply... Continue Reading →

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